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Moonstone Crystal Bracelet by Alyce Crystal

Moonstone Crystal Bracelet by Alyce Crystal

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Handmade by Alyce Crystal just for you.

This beautiful Moonstone crystal bracelet comes in sterling silver.

Moonstone: As ancient as the moon itself. This crystal is associated with the moon and the element water, and is a particularly feminine stone, often linked with goddess worship. Moonstone can nourish, give passion, and awaken your feminine energies. It can heal and aid in self-reflection and self-awareness. It exudes a glowing vitality that can re-energize the mind and body and wash negativity away. Moonstone is perpetually embraced with gleaming white energy that makes it a protective gem.


  • This bracelet has a slider to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Measures approx 25cm.
  • Zircon gemstones dangle from the ends.
  • The chain is plated. If you have an allergy to plated jewellery we have a sterling silver option for you.


  • To prolong the life of your bracelet, do not expose to water as not all crystals can be get wet. Exposing to water can cause some crystals to gypsum (dissolve).
  • Remove for physical activity and sleep to avoid damaging.


** The crystal beads are round. Image displayed is the bracelet you will receive. Crystals vary in size and shape.